Adora Pin-a-four Seasons 20-Inch Play Doll


Adora Pin-a-four Seasons 20-Inch Play Doll

Adora 20" DollThe Adora Pin-a-four Seasons 20-Inch Play Doll is a great doll for all seasons. Whether it is winter, spring, summer season or fall this is an excellent doll for your daughter. It has various seasonal styles and interchangeable clothing to match the time of the year.

The Adora Pin-a four Seasons doll features sandy blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Baby powder scented to resemble a real baby. Weighted to feel like a real baby and can wear real diapers.

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  • Large size - The doll is 20 inches high. It is a best size for your young little girl to carry around your house.
  • Fully Articulated – The doll comes complete articulated. It includes beauty to this toy making it loved by your young children. The pendant and the silk headband include extra charm. It is no more articulation required on this toy.
  • Beautiful Design - The choice of colors and dress makes this toy look extra beautifully. The eyes are blue and the hair is curled and up-swept.

Adora Doll


Adora Pin-a-four Seasons 20″ Play Doll Sandy Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes

Adora Pin A Four Seasons

Adora Pin A Four Christmas

For the Christmas sAdora Pin-a-four Seasons 20-Inch Play Dolleason the Adora doll features a cheerful, lacy pinafore that is framed in a white eyelet and tied on either side of her waist with neat, red bows. At her waist is a sprig of holly.

A Christmas tree decorated in different multicolored lights with a glowing candle lies on the top and beneath you will find two elegant gifts tied with red bows that are just waiting to be unwrapped. The complete ensemble includes a festive red color.


Adora Pin A Four Spring


Adora Pin A Four DollThis adorable toddler girl is about to step into Spring with a crispy white, ruffled under-dress, topped with a soft lavender-pink striped pinafore, embellished with eye-catching, blue and yellow satin bow-tipped embroidered tulips and a perky appliquéd bunny.

A contrasting pink hair bow tops off the toddler’s soft sandy blond hairdo and fetching, clear blue eyes.

Adora Pin Four Seasons Summer

Adora pinaforeThe perfect summer outfit ready for a sun-drenched day at the seashore. This summery light blue pinstriped pinafore is all decked out in an appliqued sailboat of navy blue, sailor’s delight red and topped with a sunny yellow flag.

The navy piping encircling the waist is tied with matching bows. With the sandy-blond hair bob and a complimentary red and blue stripe hair bow sets summer off in style.



Adora Pin A Four Autumn

Adora All Seasons DollGet ready for fall wearing this sensational golden yellow pinafore of patterned polished cotton, with a contrasting brown and white polka-dot border, matching bow at the waist and three snappy orange pumpkin appliques.

Each bright trimming including an identical pumpkin orange white dotted hair bow, all rally round a darling Peter Pan dress collar attached to a sparkling white ruffled underlay.


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Adora Pin-a-four Seasons 20-Inch Play Doll Reviews

One of the current consumers who acquired the Adora Pin-a-four Period’s 20-Inch Play Doll stated, “I got the doll a couple of weeks back. She is a quality made, smells excellent and weighs like a real baby. The quality is wonderful and the clothing are adorable. I bought it for my granddaughter and waiting to give it to her during the Christmas.”.
The Adora Pin-a-four Seasons 20-Inch Play Doll is created doll for Christmas. It is well made and features different costumes to match the season or celebration.

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